Nestled in the heart of Dorset, the beautiful Purbeck region where we call home and our neighbour Poole Harbour, Europe’s largest natural harbour, attract nature enthusiasts, water sports lovers, and wanderers alike. This stunning area on our doorstep, is perfecting the delicate balance between its popularity and the preservation of its rich wildlife, which was featured on the BBC’s Countryfile this week (you can watch it HERE, and capture the oystercatchers at around 41 minutes in.)

Poole harbourPoole Harbour, a haven for migratory birds, is a spectacle of avian wonders. Thousands of majestic creatures, including avocets, curlews, geese, and the iconic oystercatchers, grace its waters during winter migration. To safeguard these feathered visitors, various visionary programmes and initiatives have been set up to ensure the preservation of these crucial habitats.

As shown on Countryfile, the creation of Oystercatcher Island stands as a testament to the commitment to wildlife conservation in our glorious region. Acting as a sanctuary space, it provides respite from the disturbances that surround Poole Harbour, ensuring the inhabitants, particularly the oystercatchers, find the tranquillity they need. These birds thrive in clear habitats, and efforts are made to minimize clutter, creating an ideal environment for them.

Oystercatcher birdLake Pier, a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, provides a perfect setting for those exploring the wonders of Poole Harbour. A paddle power map guides adventurers, encouraging responsible exploration while respecting wildlife-friendly areas left undisturbed. A great example of how initiatives like the Bird and Recreation Initiative (BARI) strive to raise awareness about the impact of recreational disturbances on overwintering birds. This proactive approach aims to foster a harmonious coexistence between the vibrant community and the awe-inspiring wildlife of Poole Harbour.

Poole Harbour’s significance transcends its natural beauty, earning the designation of a Special Protection Area (SPA). This recognition is given to areas hosting substantial numbers of rare or threatened species. Overwintering and breeding wetland birds find solace in this sanctuary, with more than 20,000 migratory birds gracing its shores annually.

In our picturesque haven, where nature and adventure come together, there’s lots being done to ensure that Poole Harbour and the Purbeck area continue to enchant generations to come…

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