10 Outdoor Ideas For You and Your Dog

It’s well-known that there are health benefits to spending time in nature. It’s also documented that pup love has health benefits too. But what if you put the two of them together? 

If you love being outdoors as much as you love spending time with your furry friend, here are our top 10 outdoor ideas for you and your dog to share!


Dogs love the park, but what about taking it a step further and doing a parkrun together? Just find out if those close to you are dog-friendly (many are) and head off for 5 kilometers of great exercise together! 


If you’re up for an overnight adventure, camping could be it. Make sure you choose a dog-friendly campsite and have a fairly well-trained dog! 

Take a leash, a comfortable dog bed and blankets, and don’t forget your dog’s food! Also, remember to be respectful of others on the campsite – not everyone’s a dog person! 

Paddle Boarding 

You’ll need to have prior experience with paddle boarding before taking your dog along. They’ll also need to be comfortable with the water, and have a great sense of balance! 

Choose a wider and longer board, that has a textured deck pad if possible. It’s always a good idea to kit your pooch out in a lifejacket, just in case. 


Make sure your pooch can keep up with you if you choose to take them along on a hike. You could always get a doggy backpack to carry them in! 

Don’t forget to take some dog food and water with water additives along for your pup! If you’re going somewhere hot or rugged, a pair of dog booties would be a good investment. 


Not all dogs like to swim, so make sure yours does before leaping into water! This is the perfect summer activity, and you don’t even need to travel very far away from home to do it. 

Make sure your dog can swim comfortably and without struggling before throwing them in the pool! 


Dogs love having a purpose. If you want to burn a few calories without having to run, throwing a frisbee for your dog is a good way to get in some upper body exercise and excite your dog at the same time. 

Road Trip 

You may be stuck in the car, but if you drive through a beautiful scene, it still counts as an outdoor activity. You can stop anywhere along the route to marvel at nature, or get in touch with it. Just stay safe and don’t forget to stay hydrated in the car! 


This is more than just a hike. It’s a sport in which you need to follow a map and a compass and make your way from one point to another across often rugged terrain. It can be intense and exciting, but it’s better with a dog by your side! 


Use a geocaching smartphone app to take you on a high-tech scavenger hunt! With your trusty pup in tow, you can find secret treasure stashes around your city. It sounds like a computer game, but it’s something you and your dog can do together, and possibly find some cool stuff. 

Obstacle Course 

You and your pup can get some high-intensity exercise done together. Build a human and dog-friendly obstacle course in the backyard and run it with your pup! It can be great agility training for your dog, and good fitness for you, keeping both your bones and joints strong


Whatever outdoor adventure you’re planning, let’s be honest – it’s always better with a dog! Whatever you choose to do, make sure your accommodation is dog-friendly and your pup can keep up with you. Apart from that, don’t forget their food and water, and have fun!

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Author Mike Powell dogembassy.com