Make it Eco

Even the smallest changes make a big difference to our planet and given that Burnbake is nestled within the Purbeck Heath Nature Reserve an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we understand the importance of preservation. Here’s some top tips for making your camping adventures a little eco-friendlier – it feels good to go green in the wild!

Travel light

 A little extra organisation goes a long way when it comes to camping. Make a list when packing so that you only include the things you need and don’t end up doubling up! Packing light will not only help you to keep a tidy tent but will also save fuel emissions with less stuffed into the car! This goes for food too, don’t over-pack and end up throwing food in the bin. Our campsite shop has the essentials and there are lots of lovely shops nearby to purchase local produce, if you need to stock up. 

Once you’ve pitched up at our scenic site, it’s a breeze to get around by bike – something which is fun, refreshing and eco-friendly. Take a read through our last blog about Burnbake’s scenic cycling routes.

Reduce your plastic

A thoughtful first step to reduce your impact is to opt for plastic-free camping accessories such as bamboo cutlery – perfect for evenings tucking into campfire comfort food. You’ll also find a selection of environmentally friendly camping essentials in our on-site shop, from washing up liquid to eco firelighters and picnic blankets made from recycled fibres.

Reuse what you’ve got

Carefully buying and reusing as much of your camping gear as possible is key to an eco-friendly holiday. Saving the planet and your hard-earned cash at the same time is a real win-win! If you’re not a seasoned camper, there’s no need to dash to your nearest outdoors shop and splash out on the latest gear. Why not ask friends and family who may be happy to lend a camping stove or tent? Head to your local charity shop to see what’s available or try sites like Vinted or Facebook Marketplace. Top safety tip: Always check equipment works as expected before setting off!

Tuck in without guilt

When it comes to food, there are lots of small changes you can make to have an eco-friendlier break. If you’re eating out and about, there are lots of nearby restaurants using local ingredients, including some delicious seafood. If you’re cooking around the campfire, we help to make disposing of your rubbish easy peasy. You’ll find mixed recycling and general waste bins on site, meaning you don’t need to worry about taking your rubbish home and can help the planet at the same time. What’s more, our on-site coffee station brews up Eco Coffee, the grounds of which are recycled after brewing, making sustainable fuel pellets. 

Keep warm

Wildfires can be devastating to our local area and the wildlife that calls it home. That’s why we ask all fires to be raised off the floor, and rent out fire pits from our shop, where you’ll also find firewood. Sourced from damaged or fallen trees on our very own Burnbake estate, it minimises unnecessary deforestation and means that you can toast marshmallows in the knowledge that you’re helping to protect our wildlife and local eco-systems. Want to plan your summer camping adventure? Our campsite is open for the season, so book now and make your summer a little greener!